UI Exploration:

Daily UI

Daily UI is a series of daily UI challenges. Every day I was emailed a prompt for which I designed a user interface solution for.

I challenged myself to do this exercise everyday for at least two weeks and here are the results.

UI sign in
Day 01: Sign Up
UI credit card checkout
Day 02: Credit Card Checkout
UI landing page
Day 03: Landing Page
UI calculator
Day 03: Calculator
UI app icon
Day 04: App Icon
UI user profile page
Day 04: User Profile
UI settings panel
Day 07: Settings
UI 404 error page
Day 08: 404 Page
UI music player
Day 09: Music Player
UI social media share
Day 10: Social Share
UI flash message
Day 11: Flash Message
UI eCommerce shop page
Day 12: eCommerce Shop
UI direct messaging
Day 13: Direct Messaging
UI countdown timer
Day 14: Countdown
UI off and on switch
Day 15: On/Off Switch
UI pop up message
Day 16: Pop Up
UI email receipt
Day 17: Email Recipt